Smart smoke detectors are the future of fire safety

21 Jan 2022

The Future of Fire Protection in the Home is Smart

When thinking about what makes a smoke detector a Smart Smoke Detector, we see that it needs to be fully integrated into a Smart Home Security System. By doing this, it gives the homeowner a more proactive fire protection alarm system than a standalone smoke detector will provide. Not all smoke and fire protectors would be classified Smart and it is important to know some of the differences.

1: Real-time Notifications and Alerts to You and Emergency Services

When partnered with a Smart Home Security System, your Smart Smoke & Heat Detector should always alert those outside the home, not just those within. Smart Smoke Protect will pro-actively alert the home owner, family, friends, and neighbours. Also, when partnered with our 24/7 Professional Monitoring service, it will alert the fire authorities in an instant, adding another layer of safety to your home.

2: Make Sure Your Smoke Detector Has a Solid Connection

Another important aspect of Smart Smoke Detectors is the reliable connection they have with the home owner and also the emergency services, even in the event of power failure, a loss in WiFi, or a broken device. With our Smart Home Security System, there is always a cellular connection, which will send alerts and have a link with the emergency services.

3: Smart Smoke Detectors Trigger Other Devices

Standard smoke detectors only know one thing, and that is smoke detection. A Smart Smoke Detector works as part of the Smart Home System - when an alert is triggered our Smart Smoke Detectors will turn on the lights so you can see your way out, unlock the doors so you can open them quickly, and turn off any heating or ventilation systems that might cause the fire to spread quickly.

Click the link below to find out more about out fire protection and how it can work as part of your new Smart Home System.

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