Our smart home app give you complete control of your home

Your smart home system and smart home app connect seamlessly to give you the best experience no matter where you are. Activate your home security, talk to visitors throuigh your video doorbell, lock your door, turn off your lights and much more—do it all from work, home, on holdays with our smart phone app.

Smart Home Hub

GoKonnect Smart Hub Gives You Complete Control.

What your cameras live, adjust your smart heating, activate your light, and arm your security system—all from your smart home hub.


Get the perfect mood with smart lighting

Control your smart lights with our samrt home app and touchscreen panel—Set schedules, set up automation rules and change the colour for each room in your home.


Take the hassle out of finding your keys

Wether you're at home or not, control your smart locks with the touch of button. Expecting a delivery? Unlock your front door and ask the curiour to leave the package insode the door, using two-way talk on our video doorbell.


Get maximum comfort with minimal stress.

The Google Nest integrates into your GoKonnect Smart Home System and gives you control over your home heating. Not only that but, you can manage it from anywhere. Your thermostat knows when there is a window or door left open. With that information, it can then lower your heating to save energy.

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Buy your system online with just a few simple clicks or let us design a smart home system for you. Contact our team today


Flexible Buying Options

Choose a plan that works for you

Choose professional Monitoring, Self Monitoring or try our 30 day rolling monitoring plans with no contracts. We let you decide



Set up and install your smart home in minutes

Our systems are so simple to install, that you can have your home set up and protected in no time. No loose wires, no holes and no tools needed. You can also have one of our smart home enginners install the system for you


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Niall F.

See how the GoKonnect System gave this family a Smart Home that gives them protection, comfort and peace of mind when they needed it most.


Colm F.

Great service and installation team. Aftercare has been extremely impressive as the team is extremely responsive to all queries. Delighted with the system. Exactly what was described on purchase. Will recommend to friends and family without hesitation.


Eldirc D.

Eldric is one of our many customers with a Smart Home. Moving into the new home he wanted to get the best smart security for him and his family. Now he can control his home from anywhere, answer his front door when he's not there and much more. Listen to his story...

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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How do I make my home a smart home?

The great thing about GoKonnect is the ability to build your system into a fully connected smart home. All you need to do is combine the many smart home devices like, smart locks, smart lights, smart heating control, smart cameras, audio integration and much more. You base system the GoKonnect smart Home Security hub allows your devices to connect to one network, one platform and one app so you can easily control your entire smart home. With everything in the one app you never have to switch between apps on your smartphone to control certain smart devices again.

What are the best smart home devices?

Some of our most popular smart home automation devices include:

  • Smart Locks
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Smart Lighting Control
  • Indoor & Outdoor Cameras
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Sonos speak Integration
Can I add smart home automation to my home security?

Only one of the most powerful things about GoKonnect is the modular nature of our platform. We provide a full eco system where all our customers can start with the smart home security and add full smart home automation over time as their needs require. You can tailor a system and budget that works best for younow and add on in the future.

Can I use Alexa, Google Home and Siri to control my home?

Yes, all our systems come with voice control as standard.You can set up your GoKonnect system to work with Alexa, Google Home or Siri on your Apple device. Best of all you can simply ask “ Hey Siri Lock my door” so you never have to worry about apps or keys again.

Do I get smart AI Motion detection notifications when movement is detected?

Yes, GoKonnect indoor and outdoor cameras use smart AI advanced motion detection analytics. So with our smart HD camera you can set up trip wires, hotspotzones if movement is detected, our smart AI motion detection will identify if a person, animal or vehicle has triggered an alert sending you a smart notification telling you exactly what is outside your home.

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