Don't miss out.

With our live view, you can check on the kids from anywhere - hear and speak with them with two-way talk no matter where you are.

Be at home when you're not.

The indoor Wifi Camera allows you to cover the whole room. Set up video analytics and when motion is detected our smart motion detection records a 30-second clip.

We've got the night shift.

Night vision lets you make sure the pets and kids are getting a good nights sleep.

Never miss a moment.

Your Mini Camera sends you instant notifications when there is activity at home. From that alert, you can live-view your home or watch the recorded video clip. It’s a simple way to see who comes and goes and capture unexpected activity when you can’t be there.

Complete control. Your Way.

Control and view your indoor cameras from anywhere in the world with our smart phone app.*

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What are the specifications of the Indoor Wifi camera?

Our Indoor wifi camera is packed with great specs, 1920x1080 High resolution, 0 luk with InfraRed and a 117 Degrees Field of view

Do home security cameras record all the time?

All our cameras come packed with powerful AI Motion detection recording which reduces the storage requirement.

Video is stored on the cloud and all WIFI Cameras also have SD card slots for local recording storage.

How useful are Indoor security cameras at night?

All our security cameras come with night vision and have up to 15ft InfraRed range so yes they are very useful at night

How do you install the Smart Indoor Camera - is it easy?

It is super easy, Simply press the WPS button on your camera, do the same on the router then click add camera in the app and you are all set up.

What is the best position for the Smart Indoor Camera?

The Indoor wifi cameras can be placed anywhere in the home, so if you want to see your pet or make sure the kids get home from school you simply plug them in at that spot. There is no one recomended spot to choose.

Can the Smart Indoor Camera be connected via wired Ethernet instead of WiFi?

No The Indoor camera is connected via a highly encrypted WIFI connection.

Are the Smart Cameras compatible with the leading assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google) on the market?

As part of the GoKonnect system you can ask SIRI to view camera on your phone.

Alexa and Google live view voice commands depend on the phone you are using.

Do indoor security cameras work through glass?

Yes the cameras can view through glass, however any dirt or rain on windows might cause an unclear image

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