No waiting around

Our proactive smoke alarm lets you know when there’s a sudden increase in temperature as well as smoke. We want you to have the information that allows you to react as soon as possible and keep your family and your home safe.

Exit safely with smart home security.

If the worst happens, and there is a fire, have your home security system turn on your smart lights and unlock your front door, to light your way and get out safely.

Protect your home, even when you're not.

If a fire breaks out when you’re not at home, get instant alerts from your home security system, giving you time to react and call the fire brigade. With your smoke alarm connected to you GoKonnect Smart Home Security System, every family member who has the app will know of the emergency.

No power, no problem.

Our smoke alarms are completely wireless. And because your home security system has a back-up battery, in the event of a power cut, your home is still protected.

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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Do my smoke alarms need to be hardwired?

All our smart home security smoke detectors are wireless

Do you need a smoke alarm in every room?

This depends on Building Regulations in your area. We would advise installing smoke detectors in high risk areas, where there are cookers or fireplaces for example.

Does the Smoke Alarm detect Carbon Monoxide?

No our smart smoke detectors are smoke and heat protection only, we have a serperate carbon monoxide detector available also as a stand alone device.

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