Smart Switch


Automate your smart tv and other appliances with the GoKonnect Smart Switch. Set schedules for when you wake in the morning, turn off devices when you go to bed at night with our smartphone app.

Automation. Have devices turn on when you walk in and turn off after a specific time.

Remote Control. Forgot to turn off devices at night? Turn them off with your phone.

Homework Time. Keep the kids focused and turn off the TV when it's time for homework.

You're in control.

Add our Aeotec Smart Switch to any wall outlet and activate your appliances, TVs or gaming console from anywhere.

Perfect timing.

Make sure the kids are doing their homework and turn off the TV remotely when they get home from school.

Get the perfect start to the day.

Use smart home scenes to start the morning with the perfect mood. activate your lights, turn on your coffee machine, and play your favourite playlist.

Complete control. Your way.

Get control of smart plugs from anywhere in the world with our smart phone app.

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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