The Best Home Security for Pet Owners

22 Apr 2020

Who’s looking after the Dog, when the dog is meant to be looking after you?

Depending on the dog you have, it could be enough to scare the unwanted intruder away or your beloved dog could just be another valuable item which has a resale value to that individual. They say CCTV Cameras or a dog is one of the best deterrents but it’s not uncommon for your pet to be the target of the burglary to start with, more and more stories are making its way into the mainstream of valuable pets being stolen as a commodity

Technology has come on and thankfully new smart home security systems provide many ways of keeping your pets safe. When installing a system like GoKonnect’s smart security, you have multiple ways of not only protecting your pets from unwanted intruders but also protect your pets against other security concerns in your home. With our smart indoor cameras, you can even speak to your pets no matter where you are in the world.

Smart security that protects your home and everything inside, including your pets.

Home security is usually made up of door/window contacts and motion sensors. Its job is to secure the perimeter of your home with motion sensors in the hallway and the landing. When your system is armed, and one of these sensors is opened, your alarm with sound. The presence of an alarm is usually enough to deter burglars which in turn protects your home and your pets.

With a Smart Home Security from GoKonnect, not only will your alarm sound when a sensor is triggered when it is armed, but it will also provide you with real-time alerts and email notifications so you’re always in-the-loop. And when it’s disarmed, your smart security system will notify you of any unusual activity, wether its a door opening at an hour that is out of the ordinary, or a window is opened when it shouldn’t be. Image PIR motion sensors are also a great way to capture who comes and goes. It is a simple way to peak into your home and see what is happening at any time.

Sometimes a barking dog can deter criminals, but they’re not 100% effective and we don’t want pets getting hurt by ambitious burglars. And if you need to see more, you can add internal and external cameras toy our home. Record clips, live view and talk to people inside your home with two-way-talk, and outside with our Video Doorbell Camera.

With GoKonnect, you can use our Smart Home app on Tablet, PC and Mobile with unlimited users. You can quickly see what is happening at home and what doors and windows are open. If your kids left the front door unlocked, you’ll know and you can lock it remotely with our smart door locks, if the heating is too high you can change that with our smart thermostat. You will always be informed no matter the situation.

Is my home security system pet friendly?

Door and window sensors are rarely triggered by pets unless of course, you’ve pets can open doors. In that case, I’d recommend only putting sensors on locked doors. GoKonnect provides three ways you can set your smart home security system.

  • Arm (Stay) will arm all sensors, except for motion sensors. Best setting if you’re at home or asleep.
  • Arm (Away) will arm all sensors including motion sensors. For the times when you’re at work and no-one is at home or when you’re on holiday.
  • Disarm stops all sensors from triggering an alarm however, you will get notifications of sensor activity provided you have set up the appropriate notifications.

When you get a GoKonnect system, it learns your patterns over time. With this information, your system will know when something out of the ordinary happens and notify you instantly.

GoKonnect PIR Motion Sensors are pet-immune, meaning they won’t be set off pet walking around your home. Rather than detecting all movement, PIR sensors ignore object that are at a low level, such as dogs and small pets.

Proper installation of Motion and Image sensor is key to avoiding false alarms from pets and movement coming through from outside. We typically see motion sensors installed high in the corner of a room or hall facing a window. This is not the ideal way to place motion sensors. The best placement of a motion sensor is 6 feet from the ground on the flat of a wall. This will give you the most rang and the best accuracy while reducing false alarms from shadows bouncing off walls and motion-triggered alarm coming in, from outside.

And in the unlikely event, your alarm is triggered accidentally by your pet, you can disarm it remotely as to not alert the authorities to a false alarm.

Keep your dogs from getting cuts with glass break sensors.

A burglar breaking into your home may be a danger to your pets. But so is broken glass., especially the sofer annealed glass often found in homes.

Glass break sensors detect the sound of breaking glass and trigger your home security system. These small devices are a good way to cover bigger windows with multiple opening found in living rooms. You can also set up alerts to be notified when broken glass is detected even when the system is disarmed. And because glass break sensors “hear” glass breaking, you’ll also know if your pets have broken something.

Check-in on your pets remotely with our smart home cameras.

Smart Home Security cameras can provide you with peace of mind by automatically recording video clips of movement inside and outside your home. Our cameras know the difference between a person, animal or vehicle so no matter the time of day, you’ll know what is happening.

All of our cameras allow you to live-view remotely so whether your pets are inside the house or out in the back garden, you can see what they’re up to and talk to them too.

Recorded footage is stored online giving you the freedom to view at any on your smartphone tablet or pc. If you’re recording 24/7 you can view specific times and dates to see exactly what you want.

The Video Doorbell Camera allows you to see whos at your front door before you answer. You can talk to visitors remotely, unlock your smart locks, keep an eye out for deliveries and know if there is anyone lurking at your front porch.

If you’re looking for more flexibility in terms of placement and size, consider the Indoor Camera. This compact wifi camera is great for keeping an eye on your pets when you’re not at home. It gives you HD video, motion detection, two-way talk, clip recording and live view.

Watch over your home and pets while outside with the Outdoor Camera. Many of our cameras have the same functionally but what makes this camera stand out is the HDR image quality. With HDR you’ll get more detail in the shadows and the bright areas of your image, meaning that sunlight won’t affect your image and give you blown out areas.

Out Call-out Cam looks like and has the functionality of a Bluetooth speaker. It can be used to cover an entire room with its digital pan and can be used to call people with the touch of a button. Obviously, your pets won’t be able to push this button, but if you have a house sitter that takes care of your pets, and they need help, they can simply push the butt and your phone will ring.

All of our cameras have overlapping features such as; live view, clip recording, motion detection alerts, 1080p resolution and the option of creating automation rules, that can trigger lights and recordings in the event of motion and or an alarm.

The best home security for homeowners is smart, wireless, modular and user friendly.

When you have pets, it’s hard to keep thing tied down. It‘s essential that your home security is the right fit for your home. Here are some features that you should look for:

Wireless. Having as few cables as possible means less for your pets to chew on. And less likely they’ll damage your security system or injure themselves.

Smart. Most of the worry when it comes to leaving pets at home, it the not knowing. With our smart security system, you’ll get instant alerts–the ability to live view, record clips, two-way talk no matter where you are.

Pet Immune motion sensors. You no longer need to worry about your pets triggering your alarm with our PIR motion sensors.

Smart Cameras. Answer your front door from anywhere in the world, smart motion detection, 24/7 recording, clear HDR footage and even talk to your pets.

Smoke, flood & Carbon monoxide detectors. Now that you can see everything both inside and outside of your home, what about the things you cant? Get additional safety with our smart smoke, flood and carbon monoxide detectors. You’ll get an instant alert to your smartphone and your security system will trigger an alarm. You can also set up an automation rule that unlocks your smart locks if there’s a fire, flood or hazardous level of CO gas.

Pets keep us company and often protect us. Why not return the favour with a new smart home security system.

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