The Best Home Alarms Systems & Smart Security in the UK

23 Oct 2021

The Best Home Security Monitored Alarm in the UK?

One of the smartest things about a GoKonnect Smart Home Security system is the proactive security it provides for your family. Your system's advanced smart home security technology protects your home even when you forget.

Our AI learning patterns, Geo Location services and smart notifications to all family members is only a small example how our proactive smart home security system works even when its disarmed, meaning it protects you when you forget, using GoKonnect’s data insights and proactive cloud services, you smart home security system is always connected to you 

While our system provides a proactive real time home security solution, we add the human element to it with Professional monitoring backed up with Police response

What does it do? 

In an alarm event at your home—a break-in, or fire—a GoKonnect Powered Smart Home Security system sends a real time signal, via cellular & WIFI to our 24/7 professional monitoring station, Our highly trained security team will see the alert and call you within a matter of seconds, if you or your loved ones need help, we will then  quickly alert the Police or fire services to dispatch help to your home.

Is Professional Monitored alarms better than self-monitored home security?

A question you ask is, Do I need professional monitoring? In a world of so much smart technology with real time motion detection camera alerts, and two way talk video doorbells, you will have more than enough information on what home security concerns are happening at your home in real time.

Well, think of it like this

Smart Notifications is easy to miss. What if you're in a really important meeting at work, when a break-in happens? What working out in your local gym or even in the pool for a swim, or as simple as going to the cinema with your phone on “Silent” or maybe you're just asleep

It's impossible. We get it, with so many notifications on your smartphone these days, it's hard to sometimes react to what's important or what is not. A self-monitored home security system with smart home cctv cameras will protect you, but you will put a lot of time into it,

Let us take care of your home with the right home alarm system. If an emergency occurs at your home, your primary focus is to take care of your loved ones and keep them out of harm's way.

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We give all our customers the choice, They choose if that want a professional monitored alarm or not, and we also give them the options to add professional monitoring with no contract cancel any time, just like Netflix.

How do I get a professional monitored alarm?

With GoKonnect all customers have the choice to choose professional monitoring which can be part of the GoKonnect powered smart home security systems, alongside smart security advanced features like AI learning patterns, Crash & Smash protection and Cell backup .  It's the only Smart home security system in UK that offers true protection for your family

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