Never forget to lock your door again.

Whether you’re in the Bahamas, on a luxury cruise, or climbing the Himalayas, Our smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your home from anywhere in the world. With one touch of a button, you can unlock your door and let family members in without having to worry about keys. Our smart locks work in conjunction with our doorbell cameras meaning you can unlock the front door as you speak to the person at your door.

Perfectly heated, each time you come home.

Our smart thermostat saves you energy, by winding down when a door or window is open—turns on automatically when you’re coming home from work and can turn heating off in rooms that are not in use.

Individual accounts for each member of the family.

Create unique logins for everyone in the family—Give them access to specific features around your home; arming & disarming, unlocking the front door, adjusting the Smart Thermostat, activating lights.

Control your home from your wrist.

Our smart home system, used with an iPhone, integrates with Apple Watch. You can control your security, live view your cameras, activate your light and heating, and even interact with your smart door locks.

Custom notifications tailored for you.

Set custom notifications and have then sent instantly to your smartphone. Automatically turn off your light at the same time every night, or get alerted when there is a window opened while the heating is on—Each user can have there own set of notification and if you feel that you’re getting too many, simply edit the frequency or turn them off.

Live view, record, save, share.

Monitor your home with live view, set-up recording schedules for your cameras and keep them for 30 days. Filter your clips by date, camera or time and protect the important moments from being deleted.—all from the one app you use to manage your lighting, heating, door locks and security.

Let there be light.

When you use our smart bulbs or smart switches, you get remote control over your lighting. Including, schedules & rules for when they activate and deactivate. You can even change the colour and dim your lights, provided the bulb supports these features.

Take your home with you.

With Gokonnect, you can remote access your home with complete control, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Use the app to talk to visitors on your front doorstep, unlock your front door if you’re expected a delivery, then lock it behind them on the way out. This all possible with the integration of our Doorbell Camera and Smart Door locks .

Activity Feed keeps you informed.

You can always see exactly what happens at home with the GoKonnect Smart Home activity feed—know when and what widow was opened, when the front door was closed—when motion was detection, who logs-in and even alarm events.

Ready to make your home Safe, Secure & Connected?

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